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About Duluth City

Best Places to Visit

1. McDaniel Farm Park
McDaniel Farm Park is a beautiful 134 acre park nestled in Duluth. Formerly a cotton farm, the farm has been restored to depict a typical 1930’s farm in Gwinnett County. You can enjoy a walk or jog along the beautiful paved trails or enjoy a picnic day (picnic tables and grills are available). Though beautiful every time of the year,  fall foliage is definitely a sight you don’t want to miss!

McDaniel Farm Park

2. Southeastern Railway Museum
The Southeastern Railway Museum features historic Pullman cars and classic steam locomotives! This is a great museum for both children and adults and is filled with history. You can even take a short ride in the restored trains!

Southeastern Railway Museum

3. Infinite Energy Center
There are always exciting events happening at Infinite Energy Center. From concerts to food events to conferences, there are lots of fun events for you to enjoy with your family and friends!

Infinite Energy Center

4. K1 Speed
Looking for a thrill? Check out K1 Speed, an indoor g-kart racing facility in Duluth. The great thing is you don’t need prior experience to ride! There are also arcade games you can enjoy when you’re not driving.

K1 Speed

If you’re new to eating sushi, you might feel a little overwhelmed or confused by all the options. Fortunately, once you’ve learned a few basics, you’ll just need to figure out what tastes good to you. A lot of eating sushi is about finding your personal preferences. Do you like to eat with chopsticks or your hands? Do you enjoy adding wasabi for extra heat? You’ll soon find sushi that you enjoy and you’ll develop your own way of eating it. Details

The Right Way To Eat Sushi by Business Insider

Sushi Restaurant

Our Customers are coming from major Atlanta suburban areas.  In addition to the authentic Japanese menu- Sushi, Nigiri, Sushi Roll, Ramen, Udon, and Sashimi, Yuki Izakaya offers Korean fusion dishes and inspiration from all backgrounds.

Yuki Izakaya is an upscale, chic Korean-Japanese fusion restaurant and bar offering scrumptious tapas to mouthwatering delights. With a beautiful design that intertwines the classic Izakaya atmosphere with a contemporary twist, Yuki embraces both tradition and innovation.

Yuki Izakaya- Sushi Restaurant

2205 Pleasant Hill Rd
Suite# 105
Duluth, GA 30096
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(770) 336-2232

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